Trade Waste Services

Wycombe Trade Waste and Skip Hire provides a full range of waste collection services, including trade waste services and special waste collections.

Whether you want a wheelie bin or bin bag collection services, we can provide it. We offer one-off and regular waste collection services throughout Buckinghamshire.

We offer:

  • Easy to manoeuvre containers
  • Scheduled collections to suit your needs
  • Reliable and efficient service
  • Friendly staff
  • Fully registered waste carrier
  • Fully Insured

Our wheelie bins range in size and include 240 litre (holds 3-4 bags), 360 litre (holds 4-5 bags), 660 litre (8-10 bags) and 1100 litre (holds 12-15 bags).

We offer a bin bag collection for businesses with no storage facilities for bins.

We can also help you with excess cardboard waste.

Please Note:

These containers cannot be used for the disposal of Asbestos, Fridges, Freezers, Computer Monitors, Televisions, Fluorescent tubes, Lights, Paints, Oils, Solvents Plasterboard or Liquid Waste.

Special Collections

We are licensed to carry domestic (including garden) and commercial waste. Finding the correct way to get rid of your waste can be a real challenge as incorrect disposal can cause a hazard to the environment: something we all need to be responsible for. Everyone is now becoming more aware of the need to decrease our toxic emissions. Our service gives customers total peace of mind that their waste has been disposed of in a conscientious way whilst complying with environmental regulations. You can always be assured of an excellent service that will address all your concerns.

House Clearance

We provide a fast, efficient, professional house clearance service. Just give us a call and tell us the type of rubbish you want removed and we will give you a quote. It is very important to have someone present when you are doing a house clearance so that only the correct items are disposed of. If your presence is not possible we ask you for written instructions to be left with details of the items that need to be removed.

Office Clearance

We also offer office clearance and can provide a quote on any items that you want removed.
Please note: We cannot remove Asbestos, Fridges, Freezers, Plasterboard, Computer Monitors, Televisions, Fluorescent Tubes, Lights, Paints, Oils, Solvents or Liquid Waste.

Garden Clearance

We also provide a fast, efficient garden clearance service. Just give us a call for a quote. It is always important to have someone present when collecting garden waste so that only the right items are disposed of.

Junk Clearance

Our junk removal service can be used for items such as fixtures and furniture. Wherever possible these items can be recycled or given to charity, another environmentally-friendly option. As with house and garden clearance we also prefer it if somebody can be present who knows exactly which items are to be removed, alternatively written instructions should be left.

No job is too big or too small for Wycombe Trade Waste and Skip Hire. We always aim to give an excellent and reliable service. Safety considerations for both customers and our own staff are vital at all times.

Please get in touch now if you would like any more information about our waste collection or skip hire services, or would like to arrange a meeting.